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Annual Compliance Reports

  Recreation Action Plan    Wildlife Mitigation    HCP Reports    Annual Report of Operations
  Bull Trout Monitoring and Management Plan    Aquatic Settlement Agreement

Douglas PUD submits a variety of reports to FERC, NOAA and Ecology as part of its license conditions and settlement agreements. Listed below is a collection of recent reports submitted to FERC, such as Annual Compliance Reports for the Fish Settlement Agreement, Annual Reports for the Wells Wildlife Mitigation Program and the 2002 Update to the Recreation Action Plan.

Please note that many of these reports have been converted to electronic format from paper versions and may require longer than usual download times. Individual reports can be viewed using the links above or from the links below.

These reports are also available via the FERC eLibrary at

Recreation Action Plan

Annual Reports Wells Wildlife Mitigation

HCP Reports

Aquatic Settlement Agreement

Annual Report of Operations - Fish Facilities

Wells Bull Trout Monitoring and Management Plan

Long Term Settlement Agreements

Wells Final 2013 Gas Abatement Plan and Bypass Operating Plan

Wells White Sturgeon Broodstock Collection and Breeding Plan


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