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Douglas PUD and the Wells Project

The mission of Douglas PUD is

To provide the best possible utility services at the lowest possible cost, consistent with sound business principles.

Public Utility District No. 1 of Douglas County was organized in 1936. Formed by the people of Douglas County, Douglas PUD became one of the first non-profit, locally-owned electric distribution systems in Washington State. In an effort to provide the modern conveniences of electricity to rural customers at the lowest possible costs, Douglas PUD acquired over 400 miles of existing power lines from investor-owned utilities during the 1940s. Douglas PUD began operations in 1945 by utilizing this system, new lines financed by low-interest federal loans and power from the Bonneville Power Administration. To continue achieving this mission, Douglas PUD intends to relicense and continue operating the Wells Project in a responsible manner.

Douglas PUD worked to license and construct the Wells Project in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The first commercial generation from the Wells Project was produced in 1967 with the final completion of the Wells Project in 1969. The Wells Project is currently Douglas PUDís primary power supply resource. Douglas PUD presently serves over 18,000 electric customers in Douglas County. The headquarters building is located in East Wenatchee and an additional office is located in Bridgeport. In addition to the Wells Project, Douglas PUD purchases a 5.54% share of Chelan PUDís Rocky Reach Project output and a 10.23% share of Energy Northwestís Nine Canyon Wind Project output. Douglas PUD is also participating in a power exchange agreement with Shell Energy North America. For more background information about the Wells Project visit these links:

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