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Map of the Wells Hydroelectric Project

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  Adult Fish Ladders    Hatcheries & Acclimation Ponds    Recreation    Wildlife Resources

Click on a number in the image below or on the link in the legend below to view an aerial image of that section of the project. Individual project maps will appear in a separate browser window allowing navigation between maps by clicking on the links in the list.

Okanogan Wildlife Unit
City of Brewster
Cassimer Bar Game Management Area
Washburn Island Wildlife Unit
City of Pateros
Methow Boat Launch
Columbia Cover Park
Peninsula Park
Methow Fishing Access
Bridgeport Bar Wildlife Unit
Memorial Park
Methow Fishing Access
Marina Park
City of Bridgeport
City of Bridgeport
Starr Boat Launch
Wells Dam & Hatchery
Wells Dam & Hatchery Wells Dam Overlook Wells Dam & Hatchery
Carpenter Island Boat Launch
1. Carpenter Island Boat Launch 10. Memorial Park
2. Wells Dam Overlook 11. City of Brewster
3. Wells Dam & Hatchery 12. Columbia Cove Park
4. Starr Boat Launch 13. Okanogan Wildlife Unit
5. Methow Fishing Access 14. Washburn Island Wildlife Unit
6. Methow Fishing Access 15. Cassimer Bar Game Management Area
7. Peninsula Park 16. Bridgeport Bar Wildlife Unit
8. City of Pateros 17. Marina Park
9. Methow Boat Launch 18. City of Bridgeport
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