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Pre-Application Document (PAD)

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The Pre-Application Document (PAD) is a requirement of the FERC regulations issued July 23, 2003 (18 CFR Part 5). The PAD must be filed with the Notice of Intent to File an Application for New License (NOI). According to the regulations, the documents must be filed at least five years but not more than five and one-half years before the expiration of the existing license. For Douglas PUD, this window of time is December 2006 – May 2007.

The purpose of the PAD is to provide detailed information about a project at the beginning of the relicensing process to help focus participants on key issues. The Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) requirements are designed to allow the PAD to evolve into an Exhibit E for the final license application, which was submitted to the FERC on May 27, 2010.

Douglas PUD’s PAD includes descriptions of Wells Project facilities, operations, license requirements, environmental resources and impacts, project lands, water resources, fish and aquatic resources, terrestrial and wildlife resources, rare, threatened and endangered species, recreation and land use, cultural resources and socioeconomic resources. It also includes a preliminary list of proposed studies to be conducted during the mandatory two year study period (January 2008 – December 2009). Douglas PUD distributed its PAD to Federal and State resource agencies, local governments, Indian tribes, members of the public, and other interested parties.

Douglas PUD filed the PAD on December 1, 2006.

PAD Volume 1 (Sections 1-7)

PAD Volume 2 (Appendices)

PAD Volume 3 (Diagrams and Schematics of Project Works)



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