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The Aquatic Resource Work Group (RWG) will address issues associated with fish, aquatic invertebrates, water quality and aquatic plant resources as they relate to the Wells Project and FERC licensing requirements.

The Aquatic RWG will consist of agency and tribal representatives, interested parties, Douglas PUD staff, consultants and members of the public. The Aquatic RWG will meet on an as-needed basis as determined by its members. Meeting dates and other pertinent information for the Aquatic RWG will be posted to the Meetings by Group page.

If you are interested in learning more about or participating in the Aquatic RWG, please contact Andrew Gingerich at (509) 884-7191, ext. 2323 or send an email to

Links to aquatic resource chronologies are provided below.  These documents provide summaries of studies, monitoring activities and agreements related to Wells Project aquatic resources.  The resource chronologies will be updated as additional information becomes available.









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